Help find a story

I started a new story but lost it, And can’t recall the title.
It was about artificial intelligence Robot , and First episode, you create what the robot looks like, and then my character and her little sister went in the shop to buy the latest model …


Wired this way?

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The only story that comes to mind is LIFELIKE.


Lifelike and wired this way are the only ones i can think of.

Thanks for replying, but it’s not that one

Thanks for replying, it’s not lifelike or wired this way

Thanks, but it’s not those… I believe it may be a new story just out, it only had 3-4 episodes out.

I absolutely loved that story!


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i-Humanoids by @HazelJ?

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It sounds like Wired This Way by @lorenbethxox. It has 5 chapters currently.

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Thankyou, it was wired this way… I didn’t think it was, as I started playing it originally , and when I looked at the story again today it wasn’t showing I’d played before…


Thanks all

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