Help find an episode story

Hello,it’s almost midnight ! Happy new year!
I need help finding that story I read many years ago. I don’t remember much but I guess I can try. It was about a girl who was half vampire or a complete vampire I am not really sure, but she is unaware of that and has always lived among humans as an ordinary person . Then I don’t recall what exactly happened but she was suddenly engaged to that vampire and his family tell her who she she really is (being a vampire and all), her fiancé typically didn’t like her at all and his family asked her to give him a chance. I know it’s not much but I feel lucky today! Can you remember it’s name? I think her fiancé’s name was Evan or something starting with E,not really sure though.

Still no luck :slightly_frowning_face:
Is anyone willing to help?:pleading_face:

i don’t think it’s this but is it “adopted vampire”? i never finished it so not sure of all the details but i know she lived with humans for all of her life until she met this vampire

Thanks for replying!
I don’t think that’s it,unfortunately.
Thank you ,either way :leaves:

“Engaged to a Vampire” maybe?

‘Just One Bite’ ? Is the MC prophesied to do something big ?