Help finding a bathroom with a transparent mirror and tub to match

The main overlay I need is a red or black bathroom with a transparent mirror and a bath with an overlay to make it look like my character’s taking a bath. I can edit photos myself but it’d be preferred if there’s already one like this.
If you have any backgrounds or overlays with a red and black theme that’d also be very helpful! Just make sure to provide credit if it isn’t a stock image or if the author doesn’t mind us taking their work without credit.
Edit: I’m already using alexa_episode’s background in another characters home.

I think smg.episode or alexa_episode has a bathroom with mirror and tube.

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I’ve already found Alexa’s but I’m using it for another character in my story’s background. I totally should’ve cleared that up first but thanks!

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: