Help Finding A Story! ( Classic + Ink )

Hello! I don’t usually come to these forums often but I need some help finding a story, and I figured that this would be the best place to find it.

I’m looking for a Classic Episode story, I can only vaguely recall it’s the plot but I do believe it was an Ink story. The cover was of the MC and the love interest, with the love interest hugging the MC from behind and there being a Lighthouse in the background.

The plot, as I recall, was that the MC and their friends got to stay at a Lighthouse for the summer only for a mysterious boy ( or boys, I think the MC and their friends also got love interests? ) to also be there. The genre might have been Mystery or Romance.

It’s a classic story so it’s pretty hard to find, Episode tends to hide most of its older stories. I know Episode has deleted some of their stories before but they don’t usually do so for older stories ( for example, Georgia is an old story but it’s still up only you need to search it ).

Again, it would be really great if someone were to help me find this! I’ve asked before on an old post but I’m unsure if I would get an answer, so I’m making a topic.

Again, any help finding this would be welcomed!

Yess, I read that story! I’m 99% certain it was called Summer Share (something like that…) But I’m not 100% certain because I just tried looking for it on the Episode Official page as well as general search and I can’t find it anywhere :thinking:
However there are 2 stories no longer available so it might be one of those two? I hate when stories get removed to whatever reason and then I can’t find them anymore :joy:

That’s it! Unfortunately, I think it might have been one of the two deleted ;,) . I can’t find it when I search it either.

It’s disappointing but meh, at least I can stop searching for it.

Right! I’ve lost plenty of stories over the years because I couldn’t remember the name. One thing I dislike about Episode is how difficult and haphazard it is trying to find particular stories.

What I started doing a couple months ago is writing down the title and author of every story I completed and enjoyed. Obviously it won’t help if the story is removed, but at least I won’t forget the names anymore :laughing:

Yeah, I don’t like how the search works on Episode either lol, it especially sucks when you’re trying to find something really specific and it gets buried over other stories.

Writing down the title and author sounds very useful! I might actually try that.

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Hi! I’m an old episode reader and I just made a quick account on forums to see if I could find this old story I read years back bc it’s bugging me that I can’t find it :sob: I have no idea if the story has been discontinued or have any idea who the author is but please help me find it, it would be very much appreciated!
It was an INK story. The MC was a female and her name started with an ‘R’, I’m thinking maybe Robyn/Roxanne/Raven although I could be 100% wrong. She had black hair and everything and I think she lived with her roommate who was also her best friend? I could be wrong. I remember her working at a club but as a bartender and her LI was in a famous boyband that had rented out the club to play there. I’m thinking the Male LI’s name began with an ‘H’, possibly Hayden? Again, I could be totally wrong. I remember their relationship being toxic as she had her own personal problems before she met her LI. Once she and her best friend - I think she was called Daisy/Darcy, helped save a girl, either from the club toilets/at the mall due to her mum being abusive towards her. They got along, became friends and lived with her. The helpless friend had fawn hair, I remember. I believe the friend they had saved - her mother was cruel, but was rich because she had planned to kill her husband in order to gain access to his money, I think he was in some sort of gang? However, the girls manage to get rid of her. I remember her father reached out to her, and had a second family when he was hiding. The MC had a traumatic childhood, I think her mother died from drug/alcohol and her dad later on got with another man I believe? The MC also had been to jail before and when she use to go through her worst times in her life she use to become cold-hearted and reckless, she dyed strands of her hair pink and use to act VERY cold and different towards all of her friends and family. The author included herself and her husband within the story, where she was a police officer I believe & had helped the MC a few times. I remember her husband having purple eyes and black pompadour hair, tanned skin. This story was mainly about the MC however, it did focus on the MC’s friends/families POVS and feelings which is what I really enjoyed. I remember at the end of the story, the MC didn’t get to marry her LI, she was offered a place to work somewhere else further away from her LI and he decided that it was best for them both to work on themselves as they both needed to work on themselves. I’m trying to find if the author had continued this as a series or not, and if not I’d like to reread this story once again.

Hi I am trying to find a story that I read as well but I’m not sure where to look

Hey, I need help here. I use to read a story about a girl that is a superhero, and then her love interest is the villain. Pls, i love that series but i forgot the name ;(.

It maybe Villian Rehab by Caitoriri

ive been trying to find a story i was reading a while ago, i cant remember much but i do remember there was a girl with purple hair, i think her name was nova?? idk it started with an N. i think it was crime or romance. i cant give much detail. but i know the title was a combo of two peoples names, i think the love interests. i remember there was a bank robbery (??) and the group ended up going to prison. i cant remember if it was a prison guard or someone who ran the prison but he had a gay son, and when he found out he didnt take it well. please help!!!

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The story you’re looking for sounds like Adrenaline by EvilEbonni

Hi I need help finding a story! I was just reading it but it disappeared on me before i had a chance to favorite it. It was a story about this girl who accidentally told her family that her billionaire boss was her fiance. Her boss agreed to be her fake fiance for christmas even though he has someone he’s technically engaged to for business. They slowly fall in love! Can anyone help me please

I think it’s Fiancée for the hire

Unfortunately it’s not that one ): It was one of the official episode stories, so I’m not sure where it went.

Ohh okay is it all I want for Christmas?

No ;__; in the story the boss becomes the fake boyfriend and spends christmas with the family

They probably deleted it? Episode has been deleting some of their featured stories lately

Hey are you talking about this? If so then this is a featured story out for beta testing. It probably disappeared cause you finished reading the chapters. It may be possibly released during the holidays

Yes, this is the one!! Omg thank you so much for finding it for me. It makes sense now why I couldn’t find it ahh!!