Help finding a story T-T

Hey guys so I need help finding this story

The story where this guy towards the last thing I read he goes to the army protects bc he enlisted and had to serve while he left his girlfriend turned fiancé pregnant back on the US, and he makes friends with this one girl in the village he’s stationed at where they are under attack and he did everything g to protect a girl there and later on is presumed dead by the army bc they couldn’t find his body, his wife back home she finds out the news has the kid and hates going out her friends tel her to move on but it’s hard for her finally she moves on and she makes a funeral for him she thinks he’s dead and tries to move on, he comes back to them a year later a scar on his face and everything and they get back together. This is from what I remember reading the last couple of episodes for it i don’t remember how it started😭I hope someone finds it bc I’ve been wanting to reread it again it was so heartfelt and everything plsssss help me find this anyoneee!!!

(copied this summary from @firepanda_24 cause we’re both looking for the same)

Sounds like Happily never after by Aubrey but sadly, it’s not available on episode anymore.


Oh yes!

My happiness lasted for 2 seconds there.

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At least you got closure, instead of searching forever still :blush: