Help finding an limelight animation

need a limelight animation that it looks like a make character is staring off into space

Idle maybe ? It’s so simple

Have you done ink? It’s like the end of the ink animation yawn

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You’re looking for one like that?

Yeah I’m just not sure if they have one, one really I like ink better is because their faces are more animated

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I agree with that, I mean does the LL yawn_bored work ?

idle_exhausted_loop ?

No their face is just like idle

Is it idle_happy?

It’s like this but in limelight

I don’t know…

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That kind of looks like the idle_armscrossed_angry_loop? Maybe lol ion know

What’s the name of that one in ink?

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I think it’s this one then

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Yeah, I was looking for the one for LL version of it but it’s doesn’t give the same animation

Like is the same name but just doesn’t look the same

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Yeah super its annoying if you work with INK and LL because their labeled differently as well
Pick the closest one is all I can say~

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