Help finding an old story for my sister!

Hi there! I am new here. I have been googling half the day trying to find an old story my sister LOVED and has been asking me to try to find again. I’ve used episodes a lot before and since getting an iPhone again, I wanted to dive back in. She saw I was reading through some and she asked me to find this story for her. Here is her description:

“It starts as a girl is friends with her neighbor but either she goes to boarding school or something in Europe. I think she gets a boyfriend there but he kind of sucks. She moves back and her mom is like wealthy living in this huge house and is overbearing. I think the girl is a model or something to do with fashion? I think she meets a third guy and the episode basically makes you pick between three guys; her old crush, ex boyfriend or a new friend she always goes to the gym with. I think it turns out she has some sort of illness but I can’t remember exactly what it is. At the end after you choose the person, it shows you how everyone else lives their lives.”

I don’t know how active this forum is or if we will be getting any bites but since I can’t find anything in episodes or on google I thought I’d give this lovely community a shot!

Thanks y’all!


I don’t know this story but there is a chance it may not been on the app anymore. If your sister wants something similar she can try reading dirty little secrets.

Is she thinking of Lovestruck by Makiko A? I remember you were a model who had to choose between three guys but got sick.

Oh yes this is Lovestruck by Makiko A. @jordanlaurentepisode is right. It’s still on the app in Classic and I believe and ink version too