Help finding co author to write humor

Its ok I have episode one done already

Waiit, I’ve never actually co-authored. How do I add to your story?

Or are you doing a google doc type of thing where you just copy the script?

You would have to sign into my account

So I would have to send you my in from and sign you in from my phone


Got it

Should I send it now or when i finish the episodes

You can send it whenever, now works for me

OKieeee im gonna send it nowww


If they end up asking for a code tell me so i could accept

Will do


wdym and yes it is

You really shouldn’t share your password on a public platform :grinning:

how do i delete it whoop

You should just open a google doc and copy your script then I can put your script in my story, make minor changes and give it back to you

you should be able to delete it by pressing the three dots next to the reply button

I will private message you the script. Thank you Should I send it with the animations to