Help finding older Ink story

Hi there,
I’m reading Episode stories for about 2-3 years now. And when I just started using the app, I read a story which I really liked. And… that’s also almost the only thing I remember haha.

I remember that the MC got kidnapped at a certain point. And a new character was introduced and sent to rescue her. And he became a love interest later in the story. I didn’t choose him in the end because I already got attached to the other love interest. But the rescuer was an interesting character. I don’t remember much, but I do remember that he had grey/white hair. He reminded me a lot of Jensen from Deep Desire.

Maybe someone on this forum remembers this story and knows the title or author? I’m looking for this story for a few months now and I’m getting kinda desperate haha.


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love tht story, i think thats when the princess was trying to stop the war between the 2 kingdoms. hmm idk if this is the one…hm.

No, unfortunately that’s not the one.
It wasn’t a fantasy story.
It’s too bad I only remember the guy with the white/grey hair.

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hm, do u remember the genre?

I think it was romance.
It’s so frustrating that I don’t remember much of the story.

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And up again…
I’m getting kinda desperate now haha.
Any suggestion is welcome and much appreciated.

The Gangs by Cleodora?

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No, unfortunately that is not the story I was looking for. But thank you for trying to help me.