Help finding story! MC is blonde!

I read this story forever ago and I’m trying to find it again. I know the MC is blonde and I think her name was Delilah or Lia. She goes off to college and then meets her love interest that is in a band with his brothers. And I think one of the love interests older brothers has a red head girlfriend. If you know this story please help me find it!!!

Is it not in the stories you’ve read section?
On your app, tap on your picture on the top left and it should open a menu. Then, tap Profile, scroll down and find the Stories I’ve Read, you should then find a “See All >”. Tap that and it should load all the stories you’ve read and you should hopefully be able to find the story you’re wanting to read.

It’s called Stray Heart by Talu

hey! do any of yall know a story where there’s a guy that has amnesia and he goes to school with the main character whose mom brought him home and he tries out for the basketball team, and she joins the gymnastics team again! his name is arien

I’ve never had that? And if I did I’d have thousands of stories listed :joy:

Storyline Sounds likes many I’ve read , anything more you remember?

the first episode of the story was about how they both were trying to kill each other for maybe 7 years they both gave each other a scar too

other than this i don’t remember anything unfortunately.

it’s fine tell some stories you find relatable according to this i might find it

Really? Are you signed into an account on the app? I think it won’t show you the stories you’ve read if you aren’t

Did you try what someone else commented, to go in your account and find your reading history ?

i switched my account from android to ios and lost all my reading history and it can’t even retrieved :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t access mine either, so don’t think I can help with the story your searching for

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