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I haven’t played episodes in a long time so I can’t remember the name of one story. It is about this girl who lives in a society that women are housewife and lgbt is illegal. She is in an arranged marriage and escapes with a thief. She begins to live with him and his partners (blond girl, a black gay guy, and a guy named eric) and learn how to become a thief with them. Her friends become kidnapped and she tries to break them out with two siblings who have purple hair and is now the leading face of a rebellion against the government.

Adrenaline by EvilRose

I need to find this story too and i cant remember the name. It’s about a girl with three older brother and they all have red hair and the main character;s name is Catalina i think? Her older brother races and he has a friend that had gray hair, they are Spanish i think, and those toy fall in love. But when he races against and old friend or something he crashes his car and goes into a coma. Earlier we find out he has a sister in a coma and his mother was keeping her in a room in the house, but they thought she was dead until they show her mom walking into the room where she was. The brother a sister both have gray or silver hair with keys around their necks. When the brother goes into a coma she wakes up, Catalina is a mess and the sister wakes him up from the coma. Does this story sound familiar to anyone? BTW I’m new here and didnt know how to start a new post.

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I haven’t read it, but Loving Latino by Hope Moon?

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Welcome to the community :blush:
Yes, it’s Loving Latino from Hope Moon.

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Thank you guys! I appreciate it.

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When I first downloaded Episode, I was reading a story (i think in ink) about a girl who goes off to college but has to join a sorority to keep her scholarship. I remember there were three to choose from but you had to go with a certain one. She ends up finding out more about her dead mom. Does anyone know which story this is?

That’s Campus Crush :laughing: they did release an ink version too but idk if it was ever completed

Hi! I also need help remembering a story I really really liked. It was about these best friends, two sets of twins: Jordan(girl), her brother Zach I think, Giovanni and Giovanna/Gianinna. I only rememner Jordans and Giovannis names because I shipped them. Their parents are rich and one day they go to a party, because their friend Abigail? invited them. There they have to serve drinks to some VIP’s for a short period of time. Jordan bought one of the actressesa gift and they end up getting into a fight and end up going to jail. Then their parents force them to work at their firm, but they can’t take it so they decide to move out or something. I know I am all over the place but please help me if you kbow the story. It would mean a lot to me as it is one of my favourites!

Is the main character African American?


Hey! I read that awhile back but I forgot the name. But, the author discontinued the story and is now bringing it back (revamp). It will be called “So, We’re all Adults Now?”

Hello everybody! So I’ve been playing episodes for years and I feel in love with this one story but can’t find it! The only part I really remember is that the main love interest and mc have a huge fight and she move to Paris or something and right after there fight see finds out she pregnant! 4 years go back and she has to fly back to New York for business hoping not to see the baby daddy but they run into either other at the park and that all I can remember!!! PLEASE HELP I’m going insane trying to find it

Forbidden pleasures by Charity Sweet?

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Omg yes thank you so much!!

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Hi! So I read this story ages ago and I can’t remember what it was called. The MC was a guy whose name I think started with J (very broad, I know) lol. There was a girl who went to his school who was better than him at everything and he kept trying to beat her. I think her name was Olivia. Her mum died and her dad is really busy at work, so she’s often alone. It skips to high school then university. It’s set in Australia. They became good friends during uni and they start to like each other. There is a high school reunion where all their old classmates are surprised to see them together. Another time, the boy has birthday dinner with the girl and her dad and they kiss… That’s all I remember. Any help is welcome a lot!

Can you help me find story too please? It was about girl who at the beggining of the story broke up with her long time boyfriend (he was jack***). After that she stayed home for weeks and on Valentines day she met man who is some famous movie star…
She pause college cause she needed more money, she lives with clothes designer and another boy.
I dont remember any name…

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I’m trying to find a certain story. I don’t remember it well but I do remember it’s about a couple who falls in love they fight she moves to Milan then she moves back (he is a gang leader) and then they have kids but the daughter is stolen by a rival and then think she’s dead when she gets driven off a cliff so many years later they find out she’s alive (her name is violet). She is with an adoptive family, her adoptive dad dies leaving her with a terrible mom and sister that make her do chores and try to get her to marry an older man. In her original family she has a twin brother and the family is very well to do. As well her parents often visit the cliff her parent thought she died at. They’re eventually all reunited. And violet lives with her birth family. Also the mom in the sequel owns a beauty company. This is a continuation of two story the original one is about the couple and then the second one is violet. Please help!!

Oh my I know what story your taking about but have no clue of the name! I hope someone knows cause I would love to read this story again as well!!!

Hii I have a question. I am looking for this author/story. I have been looking for days

The author is called casidey and she wrote the stories: When i meet her, when i meet them, i know who i am, i know who i am 2. Even with all the info I have i still cant find her. Do you maybe know where i can find this author/stories?
I also cant find her profile on the app or insta and I cant find a single post about any of the stories on instagram (no edits or screenshots or tagged posts)