Help Finding Story on Episodes

Help please! I read a story years ago. The main character a girl is new to town and meets a boy. Something happens and he is forced to be mean to her in order to protect her. I believe they are in high school and go on a class trip. Camping maybe? Throughout the story the boy is always protecting her. I cant seem to get it out of my head but cant find it either! Thank you!

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I need help finding a story I read yesterday but I switched my account on my iPad so I lost the story it’s about a 18 year old girl who lives with her dad and his husband after her mom left her dad goes on vacation and his friend needs a place to stay because his girlfriend cheated on him so they broke up he is 24 years old I really need help finding it pleaseeee help

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It sounds like the episode original Rule Breaker, I am not sure, though

The story is called Seeker! It’s in the trending section of sci-fi.

Yessss this is it thanks you so muchhhhh

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Hi I’m trying to find a story I read last year. It’s about a Mexican girl from the 60s, she lives with her parents in California and wants a life where she can have dreams, but is told to work on achieving the American Dream and do what is expected from her. One night she’s sleeping and I think it’s a flying mirror that shows up in her room and takes her to the future, modern time. She ends up in a park and a guy tries to help her, but he thinks that she has a concussion. She then tries to find her home with the help of the guy and she breaks into the house, but it looks nothing like what it used to look like before and the owner of the house finds them and tries to call the cops. The guy from the park lets her stay with him and his friend at their place in the mean time. The guy from the park is Asian and an aspiring musician and in one the episodes gets an offer from an agent to go to a big event but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a nice suit. The girl also says the word groovy a lot. At the time I read the story I think there was a contest going on and it was in the trending now section, but I can’t find anything about the story now.

I think it was the story from Aubrey. (If I say her name right.) it was a contest story.

I need to find a story about this lady who massages a mafia guy who tries to have sex but fails. Then later on her sister goes missing so she asks the mafia guy for help and in return she has to be his sex slave and they have sex at least once a day and they slowly fall in love.

Hopefully someone knows this story i’ve been looking for it for a while.

i need help finding a story, too. It was an episode original and about this girl and two brothers(in high school). One brother went to military or boarding school or something like that and came back. He was the “bad brother” and there’s a “good brother” who the main girl likes, but then she falls for the bad brother as well. I don’t remember much else about the main story line but there’s a flashback scene of when they were kids at a park. There was also one where her and the “bad brother” got prom king and queen and danced on the stage, which was the main turning point of the story. I think it got removed, but if anyone knows what it’s called lmk!

I think this is Double Trouble it was in ink I believe

Idk what story this is but from what you have described it’s against the guidelines and not allowed on the app

HELP I’m looking for a story that disappeared from my favorites randomly. It was romance and like fantasy fiction - it was this girl who was an angel sent to this school for nonhumans by her brother Gabriel, to find out what the son of the devil was up to. She has super blonde hair and bright blue eyes and disguises herself as a witch amongst her classmates. He was tan with black hair and a scar down his eye. The cover art is him sort of… pinning her against a tree about to kiss her?

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I’ve been trying to find out what happened to this story for so long!

It was called The Outlaw Princess and it was classic.

Basically there was a red haired princess who I think was called Lyra that was kicked out of her kingdom.
She has a bodyguard or something like that named Blaze. They travel trying to recruit help. She also gets taken over or possessed by a god at certain times. He helps her defeat tough enemies. He’s a very well known god and everyone is shocked when they find out he chose her to possess. There’s demons and pirates. She eventually tries to fight for her kingdom again with Blaze who is a LI.

I would be so grateful to know what happened to this story because I remember loving it. It’s a few years old btw. Thanks

There’s another one too!

The story is INK. It’s a small town and there’s this girl who is being stalked but she doesn’t know who. A lot of weird things happen and she’s very emotionally stressed. I’m pretty sure she’s blonde. There’s a bunch of guys to suspect but eventually she gets taken and it was her gay friend who obviously she didn’t expect.
There’s two guys that keep her in a mansion for a while but one of them hurts her so the other guy kills him and keeps her. I think I forgot to favourite it. Please help.

Sounds a bit like Now or Never by Maayan.

That was Sign of the Times by Aubrey, but her stories got removed from the app.

I need help finding a story! Its about a girl who gets pregnant to twin brothers and ends up giving birth to twins aswell ( one boy and one girl ) they take a parental test and find out that the baby boy’s father is one of the twin brothers and the baby girls father is the other twin brother. i know it sounds confusing and i probably explained it in the worst way but please let me know if anyone knowsss!!

Hiii, i rlly nerd help remembering a story
It was a about a woman that was CEO of a company (i think it was an events company) and then the board thought it was better to replace her temporarily for a new CEO.
It u can help me remember the name ill be rlly gratefull,

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I wonder what makes the story removed from the app?? Too bad the story sounds interesting.

I need help finding a story I read a while ago and I took it off of my favorites. I wish episode had an archived shelf so we can reread stories without keeping our library full. But it was about this couple who broke apart sometime after their son was born because the dad wanted to get a better job and protect them. But they reunite at their sons wedding and reconnect. What was the title or the authors name???

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