Help Finding Story on Episodes

Hey everyone ,

Can you help me find a story. Main character name is Mila and she was kidnapped by a boy name issac from a party and sold on the black market. She meets a mystery man at the party as well who turns out to be an assassin and he saved her from being sold that night. Overran she had a rough life when he old mafia boyfriend killed her parents but she eventually ends up graduating college to become a doctor. Need help finding this story please , it’s a 3 parter. Thanks in advance !

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Hello I’m looking for a story I read two years ago it’s about a dad selling his daughter to two rich brother no one was able to customize the brothers name so they both wanna to have sex with her but one of the brother would not allowed his brother to he wanna her to give birth to a heir but she liar and said I was not pregnant and she ran away five years later he found out she was pregnant and had a boy

Hello I’m looking for a story I read two years ago it’s about two rich brothers that wanna this girl and her dad sold her to them but only one wanna her to give birth to a heirs buts she liar and said she was not pregnant but 5 years later they found the father of the girl is dead he was killed so they had to bring the girl back to her hometown and they where he found out he had a son
Please help me find it I try everwhere

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Forbidden Pleasure by Charity Sweet?

Do u know if it still on episode do u know her Instagram

It’s not that one it had 127 episodes last time I remember

Maybe it’s the LL version? She wrote that one under the name Beth.

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Hey guys I need help finding a story I was reading. It’s about a girl in a well known family, she has trust issues but then meets this guy who is a famous boxer. They grow really close and she ends up moving in with him, she tells him about her twin brrother who was shot in front of her. And the love interest is doing a fight rematch with his enemy and he gets really hurt and ends up being rushed to the hospital. This story wasn’t complete yet. Please help

Pretty sure it’s Black Bird by Chantelle

Yes thats it thank you!


I am looking for a story I read a couple of years ago. I think the main characters name is Amanda and she is part of a Russian(may be wrong) mafia. Her father is the leader and she eventually moves to go to college. She ends up meeting a guy she eventually becomes to like(later finds out his family killed her older brother). I can’t really remember but her and her best friend(Justin?) get invited to an underground fight and she beats someone’s brother up and later the guy and his friends find out she is a rival of their gang. She goes to a club that they own undercover and they find out she is a rival. The leader sends his men after her and his son chases her and corners her and takes her disguise off and sees that she is the girl he likes and let’s her go. They have to meet in secret. At an event where mafias attend. The family’s start a fight and both her mom and dad die and she kills his father. After she moves to another country and is pregnant and was pore until a guy who has always liked her takes her in. They fly back to America for her brothers wedding and during the bachelorette party the guy goes to congratulate the bride and sees that she is back, she jumps off the bar and runs. He catches her outside and they talk I think. He then learns that they have a daughter together. At the brothers wedding he meets her daughter and realizes that she is his daughter. That is all I can remember right now but please help me find this story

hey guys!! i started reading this story today, and only got to episode 3. i forgot to save it and i also do not remember the title and author! :frowning:

anyway, it’s about this girl called gabrielle who goes to paris from la for a job. a few days before she departs from la, her boyfriend breaks up with her because he has found someone else a year before. (he met someone who is blonde and has blue eyes on an airplane)

after that when she went to paris, she went to a bar and met a guy called john. he bought her drinks and talked for a while. they then shared an intimate night but then he left her apartment early in the morning. she then went to her first day at work but turns out he’s the son of the boss!

i am really looking forward to continuining this story but it sucks that i forgot to save it! pls help me find it <3333

That story is called Entanglement by Sophie M

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I also began reading a story but didn’t finish the first episode. From what I read it was a story about a girl (new to the city, I believe) who was in, like, a club/bar (??) but a sort of fancy one. Then she begins talking with this dude, who was in his 30/40s (maybe late 20s but I’m not sure), they get drunk (?) and then she sleeps with him, but PLOT TWIST turns out he was married and that’s sort of what the first episode was about. I remember there was a choice to stay sleeping in the hotel bed (already morning) or leave, which I think earned you some type of point. And from what I can recall the story was about maintaining a relationship with this dude who already had a wife (I BELIEVE).

Hi All, I need help finding a story as well. I don’t remember first names. But the love interest was male and their last name was silver and they were Russian Mafia. The MC was also mafia-ish related i believe. I believe there were 2 stories on this and if i am correct, the second story the LL got in an accident and didnt remember her so his family used that to keep him from remembering her. I believe they met at school. The story was in ink when i read it.

I think that’s Deep attraction 2

Hello, I am desperately trying to find a story I read a long time ago. It’s about a new girl I think her name is Rebecca. She and her brother moved to a new town after her ex murdered there parents. He ends up out of prison and coming to find her. She meets a boy at school and they fall in love and a boy on the soccer team tries to kidnapp and assault her but he is stopped by her boyfriend. Please if anyone can help!!!

GUYS HELP. i read this story one time and it started with this girl who was a nerd and moved into a college dorm with a guy who was a huge player ended up being her roommate . and i think her name was april but i’m not totally sure. anyways she of course gets a make over and the guy starts thinking she’s really attractive and tries so hard to get with her. like this other guy starts liking her and the roommate gets really jealous. i also remember that she was puerto rican. like it said that in the story and i just thought it was funny. i think she gives the roommate a couple of chances but he fumbles bc he’s trying to get over being a player and he really likes her but she doesn’t know if she should give him a chance.

I read a story like 3 or 4 years ago, its about this girl whos dad is rich, she has a step mom who is kinda evil, the dad has a party which these two mafia like brothers are invited to, the girl bumps into them and then the next day the dad bqsicaly sells her to the brothers and she goes to live with them, she ends up falling in love with both but choosing one nd then they have a couple kids, i think they even have twins , at some point twords their “happy ending” theres more plot twists and they are on a vacation in greece or italy and she falls down the stairs qnd losses her memory, there sre also a couple sequals to this story. PLZ HELP ME OUT!!