Help Finding Story on Episodes

I need help finding an ink story, there was this girl who was so good at school, but she was poor and only lived with her grandma, her granny dies, and for some reason she walks on a road and gets kidnapped by a crazy guy, he takes her to an abandoned house and abuses her :c and then noticing her disappearance there is a detective who is so willing to find her, when he saves her they slowly start falling for each other omg I can’t remember the name

The author is a lawyer I remember
The MC has black hair
The cover was the MC wearing a blue tank top crying on a road
The detective was blonde

This is all I remember I’d be so grateful if you help me, I’m scared the story got removed bc of the plot, I just want to know

That is a “Forbidden Pleasures” by Beth 100%

It is “Squad: Erased”!

This is I’m just a girl

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I need help finding a story about a girl who is the “princess” of the light. And a guy who is the king of darkness and the people who live in the dark are not allowed out during the day and the people who live in the day arnt allowed out at night . The guy has a tattoo of the moon on him and the girl had a tattoo of the sun on her. He ends up kidnapping her and they end up falling in love and she gets pregnant but no one was supposed to know they were in love because it was forbidden. In the very beginning of the episode it shows how there were 2 brothers and one was day and one was night and the night betrayed his brother and that’s why the kingdoms became separate and the night had to go into hiding and that’s why the night and day people never mix.

did you ever figure out the name to it?

Im new to the forums and i cant post anything on the page hence i replied to ur post to know this…
I forgot to favourite the episode story i was reading. Can you all please help me find it.
It was about the MC who is an alien agent and can read memories and they are partnering with an eraser. Together they work for a agent company. One of the love interest name is Alex and he is almost 90% human (the first eraser partner.) I badly wanna continue reading, please help

Hey I started reading a story a while back but forgot to add it to my favourites. It had three guys one of them wasn’t human I can’t really remember what. And then there were two other guys one was your best friends brother and the other was a typical bad boy. After the not human one had (I can’t remember why) you sleep with the other two and get pregnant but you don’t know who the father is. And then you have a miscarriage that’s all I read I’m quite new so I don’t know how to make a post but if someone knows the name I would be really grateful :slight_smile:

hello missing story it was on recently release but it was on their two days ago and then it was gone for some reason it was about a plus size girl audition for lead in theater play at high school and a guy she liked was the popular kid that plays basketball and he is her neighbor also audition for the lead like her and both got the lead part for the play i cant remember the names of them.

I think I know which one you’re talking about, looks like after the update it was taken off I can’t find it

Sounds like my story “The Shadow Heir”. But I’ve removed it from the app because it wasn’t a good fit for the platform. Sorry! :sweat:


Help please! I read a story years ago. The main character a girl is new to town and meets a boy. Something happens and he is forced to be mean to her in order to protect her. I believe they are in high school and go on a class trip. Camping maybe? Throughout the story the boy is always protecting her. I cant seem to get it out of my head but cant find it either! Thank you!

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I need help finding a story I read yesterday but I switched my account on my iPad so I lost the story it’s about a 18 year old girl who lives with her dad and his husband after her mom left her dad goes on vacation and his friend needs a place to stay because his girlfriend cheated on him so they broke up he is 24 years old I really need help finding it pleaseeee help

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Hey! Welcome to the community.

It sounds like the episode original Rule Breaker, I am not sure, though

The story is called Seeker! It’s in the trending section of sci-fi.

Yessss this is it thanks you so muchhhhh

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Hi I’m trying to find a story I read last year. It’s about a Mexican girl from the 60s, she lives with her parents in California and wants a life where she can have dreams, but is told to work on achieving the American Dream and do what is expected from her. One night she’s sleeping and I think it’s a flying mirror that shows up in her room and takes her to the future, modern time. She ends up in a park and a guy tries to help her, but he thinks that she has a concussion. She then tries to find her home with the help of the guy and she breaks into the house, but it looks nothing like what it used to look like before and the owner of the house finds them and tries to call the cops. The guy from the park lets her stay with him and his friend at their place in the mean time. The guy from the park is Asian and an aspiring musician and in one the episodes gets an offer from an agent to go to a big event but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a nice suit. The girl also says the word groovy a lot. At the time I read the story I think there was a contest going on and it was in the trending now section, but I can’t find anything about the story now.

I think it was the story from Aubrey. (If I say her name right.) it was a contest story.

I need to find a story about this lady who massages a mafia guy who tries to have sex but fails. Then later on her sister goes missing so she asks the mafia guy for help and in return she has to be his sex slave and they have sex at least once a day and they slowly fall in love.

Hopefully someone knows this story i’ve been looking for it for a while.

i need help finding a story, too. It was an episode original and about this girl and two brothers(in high school). One brother went to military or boarding school or something like that and came back. He was the “bad brother” and there’s a “good brother” who the main girl likes, but then she falls for the bad brother as well. I don’t remember much else about the main story line but there’s a flashback scene of when they were kids at a park. There was also one where her and the “bad brother” got prom king and queen and danced on the stage, which was the main turning point of the story. I think it got removed, but if anyone knows what it’s called lmk!