Help Finding Story on Episodes

Hey can you guys help me look for a story. It’s not all the popular so I wouldn’t be surprises if no one knows it but it’s about a girl who have a lot of older brothers and her dream was to become a spy. She ended up meeting a spy at a ball and made her dream came true but her identity couldn’t exist no more so she faked her death and was a spy for years until her brothers, nieces and nephews were being threatened so she went back to her hometown to protect them and they realized that their little sister wasn’t dead. I hope I explained it as clear as water but it anyone knows that’ll be a big help.

Hey guys I really need your help, does anyone know of a story about a girl who’s an “epituber” and she does makeup tutorials, she has a bossy manager called Olivia and another one called Leon Ashwood who she likes? There was also a guy called Dash West I think? If that description rings a bell please please please tell me the name?

Hey, I need help too - I’m searching for a story that I read one or two years ago and I just can’t remember the name :sob:
It was an ink story, you could customize the main character and the love interest. The main character was always reading romantic novels but has not been able to find true love yet. Her brother and his wife as well as her friends who are all married always try to get her to go to dates. Then she meets a handsome stranger in a coffee shop and takes him with her to a trip (I guess, I’m not really sure!!) with all of her married friends where he is supposed to pretend that he is her boyfriend and they and up falling in love for real.
It was quite a long story and I think there was a car crash near to the end but I’m not sure.
I hope anyone remembers this story and could tell me the name :cry:

I think it was pregnant by a killer (By amy t) However this story was removed from the app

I think this is destined to be protected

I need help finding a story too, it’s in ink and it’s about this girl that lives in this dystopian society her dad has this cop friend and they have a thing going on she goes to this meeting about a new law for the country or city then someone sets the place on fire and she helps them get out plzz help me find it

Hi I’m really trying to find a story but with no success. It’s about a fashion designer that works at her own company called ‘wray and jones’ but then her designs get stolen from another fashion designer.
If anyone knows this story please tell me the name.

I also need help finding a story from like 2 years ago​:joy::sob: It’s a girl I believe that has like 3 brothers and they are running away from dangerous people and I believe they are dangerous too but in the new school she meets this guy that actually ends up working in the same thing she does.:sob: idk if it made sense but I hope someone knows

Hey guys I’m new and I need your help finding a story i read a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t add it to favorites. I don’t remember the characters names but the plot was about this girl(MC) and a guy best friend who just came back from the military. Sorry not a lot of details. Hope someone can lead me in the right direction.

Hey guys! I also need help finding the story I read before (1 or 2 years ago). I don’t remember much but I really loved it and I just want to read through this again. I’d be more than happy if some1 helps me.

Exploring temptation

i just joined this in hopes to find an episode story i’ve been DYING to find. if anyone could help me, i would reallly appreciate it!
i forgot the book title and author, i just joined episode community recently again, BUT it was about a girl who never was able to go to public school because her parents were overprotective and i think?? she was rich?? but eventually her dad gives her permission to go. the guy was part of this “gang” thing and they were planning to kidnap the girl to get money off from the dad or something? but basically the guy acts like he goes to the school with the girl and they become close and that’s all i really know. the guy looks a lot like christopher from the shaw brothers! please can someone help me find this story asap :pleading_face:

I need to find a story I had seen a few days ago but I can’t find it any more, it was about a girl who left home to go to california and become a singer. She met 2 men who are rivals , they are both singers and they compete to find a new star within 30 days the loser will leave the music industry. One of the guys picked the girl and they won, they also started dating. Then the ex came back and blackmailed the guy to leave her so he does and she goes to Vegas to continue her music career and comes back after a year being a star already?

^Sorry I replied on your question I didn’t know how to make my own individual post, I just got this and it’s confusing! I don’t have the answer for your story I’m sorry :frowning:
I need help finding this fantasy story. It has a lot of magic and cool affects that I can’t remember the name. So basically there are multiple galaxies with different people. And the FMC lives in a cold ice world where fighting is an everyday thing. Fighting and torture are good and love is banned. The MC is sisters with the queen who is her older sister. Apparently they were taught to be brutal leaders, both parents forcing them to kill prisoners at a young age. They are both ice blue eyes and white hair. The older sister has short Bob hair and the youngest the mc has the curly long hair parted, they also have dark red lips. Anyway the mc is different from her family and wants to be left alone, she wants to break free and see other galaxies because her world is boring and cold since it always snows. The oldest sister envied her sister because she is still innocent and good whereas the oldest became cold. She also believes the parents adored the mc more. The mc then sees light coming from the bottom of a locked door and she can only open it. Turns out it’s like a ball of light they is a teleportation device that uses magic and takes you to anywhere u think. When the mc finds this a theif breaks in from another galaxy who’s a black girl with yellow half shaved hair and wears red. She’s from another planet and is a fairy I think and wants the orb for her brother or something She wants the orb from the white haired princess. They both fight for it and end up teleporting. They soon meet other characters like a guy who knows the yellow haired girl who has black hair. And comes from a coal planet where everything is black. He is basically working with a friend and they both are thief’s and came on a flying ship. His friend dies. They then work together and meet cannibals on a planet that have pink eyes and green hair. And they eat people at night or something. Anyway the black girl and guy are kidnapped and the white haired girl helps them. The cannibals wanted to turn her friends into cannibals as well by doing rituals and biting them. They escape and take a fairy guy with them who tricks them because he’s actual another mythical creature. They end up staying at a tavern and the black girl with yellow hair starts showing signs she’s changing into a cannibal. The black haired guy then tells the cold princess his background story with his sister and how they had curfews when young because they would get killed outside if they weren’t home at night. Anyway that’s where I left off because I lost my account and now I need to make a new one and I really want to know what it’s called. Someone please help me!!!

Dirty game by Fatima

Hi Guys,

I need help finding a story where the MC, she works for her Mother’s flower shop and she fall for the head of a powerful gang leader… he’s a playboy and eventually does everything to get her. She falls for him but his father makes him marry another woman for his own interest and if he doesn’t his father will hurt them MC as she is his true love.

Thanks so much! I can’t seems to find the story … :pleading_face:

Hi I’m trying to find a story I read about a year ago

The main character is named lily has nickname lils
Recently moves home to see her best friend and meets 2 guys and falls for the bad boy
They end up further down the line getting married I think she also has an accident and ends up in hospital

Sorry not much to go on but need to find it again