Help Finding Story on Episodes

Try to find it on the shelves it might be there still

I’ll have a look thankyou!

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Sorry I haven’t been reading much lately so idk this story :sweat_smile:

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lol it’s fine

Searching for a story im sure I read once think it was a mafia story… spoiler but im sure towards the end she runs away to Spain and works in real estate until the main male character finds her and shows up for a viewing on a house she is selling? I know while he has been living in Spain there is a guy who falls for her but she doesn’t like him that way? Really appreciate the help!!

wait someone PLEASE help me i totally forgot the name of the story and the characters, i loved the story so much as i played it nonstop for a long time about 3 years ago? but the only thing i remember is at the end of the story i believe, this black haired guy had a twin brother with white or very light blonde hair and he was like the reckless kind of twin, but i remember the girl i was playing as play fighting with the reckless twin because they were amazing at fighting and he pinned her up against the door AFTER SHE TRIED TO FIND DOCUMENTS OR SOMETHING OKAY I JUST REMEMBERED THAT BIT PLEASSSEEEEE OH GOD if anybody helped me id really love you forever oh gosh, please helppp!!! my bad, i forgot to add that this story is an ink story and that both twins had the cropped buzzcut kind of haircut!! thank youuu