Help Finding Story on Episodes

Please please i could really use your guys’ help.

So i read this story YEARS ago, the story is in classic style, and have forgotten the name of the story and i think the author’s name is alaska? so prepare for the worst summary you’ve ever heard but this is all I can remember

It’s set in highschool, about a girl who’s super sarcastic and snarky and doesn’t really do well in school because she doesnt really apply herself. i can’t remember the plot, but im almost sure the love interest was the guy who started tutoring her in one subject. at one point she tries out for the school play the little mermaid and gets the lead as ariel, and im not really sure after that. That was terrible, but its because all i remember about the story was how much i loved it.

so if any of you guys can translate all that i remember the story please help me find it

Hiii, i read this story quite long ago. Can someone help me find its a story where this girl well get send to a guys as part of a deal with the father and this guy also has a brother

I mean like these guys(two brothers) come to a party and see a girl and gets interested in her and make a deal with her dad as part of their deal this girl goes with the guys

pretty sure it was The Assistant b Jasmin Dee

Are you thinking about Bad Boy Roommate by Melissa LaVon?

This way to late but if anyone is curious it is set me on fire by lizzie.epi (IG)

Hi, there was a story I read recently called The Devil in Disguise by someone named Sapphire. However, I can no longer find it. It’s about a girl who is the daughter of a mafia boss, and she is kept hidden/ a secret from the world. A recent threat makes it important that she leaves home (I think, but I can’t remember the exact reason she left). She meets the leader of the American Italian Mafia and they act angry towards one another, with lots of sexual tension at first, but they end up together. I remember she was a popular underground fighter, and at one point when it was revealed her family said they couldn’t believe it was a woman ( I know, very sexist). Anyways, can someone help me find this story?

Can I please have help finding this story I was really into it and then ended up having to delete episode and the book not being there anymore. The book was about a girl whose dad arranged her a marriage with this wealthy family. When her dad dies (I think) or it was that her family was in need of money. She was sent to the house to get married. When she gets there she thinks she is going to get married to a man but he end up being a women. All I remember is that the women she was meant to marry have black hair that was in a ponytail and green eyes, pale skin and had a sister. I really hope any of you guys can help me find this book because I really invested in it.

Im trying to find a story about a girl who is in love with her boss and his twin brother and they are magically linked the brothers own a company and the twin lives in new york i think pleaseeee help

Hi the story you’re looking for is dirty business by B.B.

Omgggg thank you