Help Finding Story on Episodes

Also, idk if this helps but her twin brother falls for one of the servants in their mansion( I think it was a servant) and she’s plus size😍 the sister set them up together after defending the girl from bullies

Hi I know what story you’re talking about but I can’t remember the name of it but what I do remember is that the dads name was Lucifer and the LI nick name was panther (if that helps anyone)

(Also going to keep looking for you)

Omg yesss and tyyy

Hey the story you’re looking for is the devil in disguise and it got taken down due to episodes guidelines

Awwww that’s disappointing😕 thank you anywaysss <3

I also need help finding a story - It was in classic and it was about this girl (I don’t think I can remember her name, it might’ve been Alexa or Alexis, not sure though), and she starts dating this guy but actually ends up falling in love with his sister. I think she might also go to a summer camp at some point? Or a music camp? I just remember her playing piano. I’m pretty sure the author stopped writing for a while, I’m not sure if she ever finished it. Also, does anyone know why we can’t read very old (like original) episode stories anymore? Heat on the Water for example, it just doesn’t load at all ):

Hey if anyone could help me find this story I’d be so grateful!

From what I can remember it was a story where I could choose the narrative from the perspectives of 4 people. They were all in a friendship group, 2 guys 2 girls and they all had their own bios/profiles with their names/sexualities (LGBTQ+ friendly) ages/interests etc. One of these characters was called Kit(?)

The story (that I read up to at least) was about them meeting up in their hometown after they left school and they had all gone off to work/explore the world etc. They went to go find their friend Drew but no one remembered him apart from them and his house was empty?

Thank you in advance! :blush: