Help finding the error in if/elif/else code

Hey guys!

I’m currently making a mini games and use if/elif/else code with points to do so. However I can’t make it work! Only the if-part works, or the if-part are followed by the elif-part. Difficult to explain, but I must have made a mistake somewhere that I can’t seem to find.

I know how if/elif/else works, and I’ve been checking all the guides to find the error myself. I need another pair of eyes, because no matter how long I look I can’t find it.

Can anyone help me take a look? It’s a pretty long scene, so I can publish the code here, but I can send it in a document maybe?

What is the principle of the minigame? Maybe we can look on it first?

Hey! Yes, but it’s long with lots of choices inside, so it’s probably better if I send it to you. Would it be okay if I messaged you?


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