Help finding these 2 stories?

Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time in the world.
Now on to the point of this post. I was reading two different stories on here before I ended up switching devices…I went from Android back to iPhone and sadly you can’t cross over android to iPhone. Well I for the life of me can’t remember the names of either one of the stories I was reading. I do at least remember the plots of these two stories.
I would also like to note that these stories are not Episode official stories, they are the ones that the community members wrote.
The first story I was reading was about this girl who ended up dating her best friend’s brother, who was in a band and she was still in high school. I didnt finish the story so I honestly don’t know the entire plot…lol

The second story was about a “poor” girl who ended up moving in with her “rich boy” crush who was dating a girl that was somewhat of a B-word. But then the girl who moved in with the rich boy ended up meeting some random guy and hit it off with him. Also in the store, the “poor” girl ends up going to see her father, who I think left her mother and her years ago. She ended up having either the rich boy or the random guy go with her to accompany her on the trip to go see her father.

I apologize in advance because this is probably the worst description anyone has ever given in trying to find a story. :joy:

Was the first one Ink?

Cause there is A six string romance and I think it was about that

I Think it was limelight, instead of INK. But im not 100% sure. I looked up the one you mentioned and that wasn’t it.

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