Help Finding these Stories?

Hey guys, I wanted to find these two stories!

  1. This story was basically set in a realm ruled by four kingdoms: north, south, west, and the east. Basically, the main character was a character from the south? and one day when her parents held a ball for eligible partners for her expected reign, she met a cool guy from the north who later kidnaps her. She ends up stuck in the north kingdom with the three other princesses of the other kingdoms.

  2. This story is set in the 1900s of the Philippines and focuses heavily on Filipino culture and folklore. I remember there were characters that were duwende and diwata, which were mythical creatures. Anyways, the story is set upon this girl (named Isabella?) and her husband who was kidnapped by like a queen fairy. After her husband is gone for a while, the community believes that he is dead and set a funeral when some random lady comes up to her and tells her a way to retrieve her husband back from the mythical realm. She willingly follows the old lady’s instructions and arrives to the mythical world, later meeting with a small elf looking figure who guides her to the kingdom.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Were they ink or limelight, or classic?

The first story was ink and the second story is limelight!

apart from the synopsis do you know anything more about the stories. like author?

i don’t sorry

That’s going to make it quite tricky, how do to come across these stories?

i don’t remember how i came across the first story but the second story was featured for a while last year in a fantasy/mystery column? that’s all i can remember about it

I think i found your first one, I put in kingdom in the keywords to search for stories in the app and the first one came up that is in Ink is called “Four Kingdoms” the first scene looks like it might be what is described.


Found the other one, “Realms”


… dude you’re such a genius… colossal goddess… omg thnk you so much

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what the actual i-

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welcome, so in future if you ever are stuck just use keywords and scroll down until you think something looks familiar.

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