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So this is the current scene I am working on for episode one of my story, and I am having issues around lines 772 and 773 as the character ZO slides around and on line 750, my MC DEON isn’t doing the animation at the end of the line. If someone could help me tweak this, or what would be even better if someone could beta test as well and help me fix other mistakes too. Thank you!

@/CHARACTER spot x y z in s
@/CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in s

try this

Firstly I would suggest not overwhelming your eyes and brain by having a bunch of character demands on one line and to separate it, as it can then become confusing and harder to keep track of everyone.

Also I would suggest when doing walking to spots to use a format like this:
&CHAR walks to spot # # in zone # in # (number of seconds) and CHAR faces side (left/right) and CHAR does it while animation_name_here

On line 773 you have Zo walking to a spot while doing idle_armscrossed_neutral and therefore they will slide to this spot doing that animation since you used “and”.
So instead it should be something like:
@CHAR walks to spot # # in zone # in # and CHAR faces side and CHAR does it while walk_animation_name_here then ZO is idle_armscrossed etc.
and put the stuff you have for the other characters Deon and Serenity above this using &

And also if you intend on having the camera follow Zo as they walk, put the zoom on code and pan code using “&” right before the walks to spot so the camera can follow Zo and then when Zo stops walking and starts arms crossed, Serenity starts speaking.

On line 750, you have Zo and Deon set into the spot they’re going to walk to, so I’m honestly not sure what you were trying to do there lol as the walks to code is only meant for if you want your character to walk from point A to point B.
Right now you have Zo stand at point A AND walk to point A. And same with Deon. I hope that makes sense. So basically they will walk in place.

What I would recommend is to set all the characters into the scene in the beginning after the zoom reset
I would put
&CHAR spot # # in zone # at layer # and CHAR faces side (left/right) and CHAR is animation
&CHAR2 spot etc. (Same Format as above^)
And also have the codes for any outfits or props you’re using so:
@CHAR changes into outfit_name
@add PropName to CHAR

And after you have them all set into place in the scene then put
@transition fade in black in 3
And then the pan and zoom code and then all the rest of the stuff.

Hope I made some sense🥴


Oh, thank you so much for explaining so well and with detail! I really appreciate you.

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Aw no problem! Also on 750 you have Deon coded to do two things at the same time because you have Deon walk to a spot while doing walk animation “and” have them doing idle arms crossed.

Meaning when you have it coded like this:
DEON walks to spot bla bla in zone 2 in 3 and DEON does it while walk_neutral_loop and DEON faces left “and” DEON is idle_armscrossed

That’s making two things happen at once for Deon and that’s why that’s not properly coming out.

That “and” in between what happens when they walk to when they stop walking should be “then” Instead, so that Deon will first walk to the spot and “then” Deon will be idle armscrossed. That’s why you’re having an issue there on line 750 as well. (I just noticed your hashtag notes in your script :upside_down_face:)

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Haha! Thank you so much!

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