Help for a writing partner/friend

I am good at writing the story but coding is and making commands is a little difficult.

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What do you need help with?

I’m still kind of learning things but I’m sure I can be helpful. :grin:

whenever I try to put in a basic command like looking at the phone. It always says that it isnt a valid directing command.
Thanks for the help;)

@YOU is text_phone_neutral_loop

@YOU is talk_read_phone_neutral_loop

@YOU is idle_read_phone_neutral

@YOU is idle_phone_hold

These are commands that are similar to looking at a phone.

Lemme know if it works.

are you sure you’re using the correct commands for your story’s style? the commands are different for ink and limelight styles. like for ink, a command might be (talk_phone_happy) but for limelight it could be something different like (phone_happy_talk).

I think i was using it right…here is a screenshot

Hi there! you should use @ISABEL is idle_phone_hold_sad.

Also remember to use the talk animations :slight_smile: for example
ISABEL (talk_think)
I wonder who that is?

If you have any other questions let me know, happy to help too! :slight_smile:

That helped a lot thank you !