Help for College of Eternity choice!

Should I not rat out my friends and keep them out of trouble or be honest because the Order probably likes honesty?? I reaaaally wouldn’t appreciate it if my friend ratted me out but I would also feel really guilty if they lied to keep me out of trouble.


Keep them out of trouble! It’s what I picked back then


i kept them out of trouble lol idk if i lost any points it was a while back

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i ended up being honest yall and i got guilt-tripped for being disloyal :pensive::facepunch:t2: ah well, just wanted to do the right thing man. and real life me is too honest for my own good so


same, I prefore honest, and so often in that story its the wrong choice


In this game, better to be an honest person. This will give you more points. But be prepared for the fact that after your confession, you will need to write an essay. The game does not accept downloaded essays from the Internet, so I recommend using the paraphrase paragraph service. The service will help to paraphrase the text and make the downloaded essay unique.


I’d lie for my friends

It’s a very personal decision, I always do what my heart tells me. You need to take such actions from which you feel yourself.


Right. I subscribe to every word

I may be super late to this, but I actually ended up picking the first choice (basically not ratting them out) and I got points for so but “Alastor” suggested I started making up more believable lies. But at the end of the day, it still worked really well actually.