Help for disclaimer?

So I’m currently working on writing a horror story, and I want to make a disclaimer for it for example when it says: this story contains mature themes and stuff like that? Does episode put that in automatically or do you manually have to create it?


You do it yourself! For me, I just chose the ending background and narrated something along the lines of ‘‘This story contains mature content and strong language.’’

I think they have some backgrounds for that too that you can choose from that says the same thing

You can get it from alexa_episode at instagram

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@/episodeaxiom has lots of pre-made warning backgrounds :slight_smile:

Or, just format it like this:

This story contains mature themes and strong language.
Reader discretion is advised.

You can say whatever you like. Include a specific trigger warning if there are themes that could potentially trigger a person, or if you use flashing lights.

episode has some worning you have to look them up in the background…

like this one


but mostly people make custom splashes - if you are not able to do them there are lot of artshops on the orum where they will make them dor you for free.

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