Help for episode 24

I’m having a lot of trouble of trying to create a conversation between two of my characters for my story. One of the characters’ parents died over night and his girlfriend is trying to comfort him. What should be said in this scene? Any ideas? I’ll give credit if I decide if I want to use your idea. Note that 1st character is very mad and he exchanged “hurtful” words" deleting soon since it contains spoilers :woman_shrugging:t4:

“Look, I wish I can make all this pain go away.”

“But you can’t can you? So quit trying to!”

“No because I love you, and I’m not leaving you when you need me the most!”

“I don’t need you, I need my parent.”

“Please stop making this hard. Let me stay the night please.”

“No because nothing or no one can stop this pain.”
“Not even you…”

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I actually like this but the wording might have to be changes around bc the previous night, he just made her his girlfriend :slight_smile:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: