Help for finding story! (Purple dragon or something 🤔)

Hey, I’ve been away from using episode for a couple years now. I had just recently came back to check out how the app & community stories have progressed since my absence. There was certain story in particular I am looking for as of now. I haven’t been able to look back through my favorites because in those two year I’ve upgraded to a device using a different OS. So, unfortunately due to episodes guidelines concerning transferring I no longer have access to that. Anyway…On to what I originally came here for…There was a certain story about a certain purple dragon, existing in the era of a dragonesque type setting. The MC of this story didn’t know too much about themselves or what It meant to be a purple dragon( I think they may have been hunted for some reason). A long the way she creates allies with other dragon/dragon shifters in which they accompany her on her journey to awaken her latent abilities specific to her kind (a purple dragon…).If any of you know what the name of this story was PLEASE reply. I just remember it being one of the last things I had been reading, before pulling an aang on the app, and it seemed to be quite good from what I remember.


I’m looking for the same Story did you ever figure out the Name?

I think we’re trying to find the same story, I can’t for the life of me remember the name but wasn’t it about a story where the MC is the last purple dragon/shifter and she finds a group who take care of her and help her and even put her in a school to help her dragon and stuff but can’t shift so people don’t figure out what she is, I know one of the side characters was some kind of water dragon that had a special power and burnt her brother or something but I know the MC gets kidnapped and taken back to a castle type thing and gets saved/she gets out(memories a big foggy) but either before or after she and the character she’s together with(?) get into a big fight with these other dragons, if I remember correctly she ends up either killing or severely injuring one or more of them, it was one of my favorites at the time

I think I found it! The one I found is called Dragonbound! How it starts has been the same so far!

Edit: it’s the one I remember! If this is the one you were talking about I’m glad I was able to find it again, if not I recommend looking for similar stories and back checking the author’s stories, that’s how I found Dragonbound!

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