Help for my new story: I need "advices"/ answers from Muslim/ Jewish women wearing hijabs and any other women daily wearing headscarves or turbans!

Hey all, so I don’t really know in which section I should post this. I basically said everything in the tittle.

So I’d like to ask some questions to hijabis whether they’re Muslims or Jewish married women and also women’s wearing turban without doing it for a religious matter.

In my story, one of the characters wears an hijab, and well one day she’s assaulted/mugged because of that (hate crime) so her non-Muslim and non-hijabis friends decide to wear an hijab for a couple of days. Since I’m not Muslim, I don’t really know what wearing a hijab outside of your house is, ( As a child I tried wearing several head scarves to see how I would rock a hijab or not). On my dad’s side my family is Jewish but only the married women have to cover themselves/wear head scarves and my character is a teenager/ not married and in my family most of the women do not wear head scarves; and I have many questions to ask because I don’t want to offend the readers or anybody else.

Here are some of the questions I have for women wearing hijabs and for those wearing turbans.


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  • First have you ever been mugged because of your hijab?
  • How do you manage to wear hijabs during summer, with the heat and everything [I’m sorry this is a stupid/annoying question] Do you have any hacks?
  • How did people reacted when they first saw you with an hijab ?
  • What do you think of non Muslim/ non-married Jewish women wearing hijabs even when it’s in support of a Muslim women?
  • How many ways are they to wrap an hijab [is this question in English ? Lol]
  • Did you receive hostile comments about it?
  • Do you consider a turban as an hijab?


  • Do people ask you if it’s an hijab?
  • How do you handle your turban during summer (if you wear it during summer) / heat and everything? Do you have any hacks?
  • Did you receive hostile comment so about it?
  • Are they different ways to wrap a turban?
  1. Lol nah, I live in a contry where muslims aren’t classed as ‘TERRORISTS’
  2. Idk, for us it’s just like wearing clothes
    3/4. O EM GEEE CAN I SEE YOUR HAIR?!! Can I touch it?!!

Where do you live? Because I live in France and end thigh we don’t a see them as terrorist some people looks at them in a negative watch perhaps I don’t know. Thanks for answering by the way

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My sister is Muslim I’m not she never been mugged over it. But she had a few crazy women yelling at her to go back to her own country and threatened to get kidnaped and saved from her husband.
I’m Aussie btw with the hijab yes my family wore it in solidarity (majority Catholics)before.
She hates summer as her hair gets all sticky with sweat.
And with hijabs I found are just designed that way so easy to put on and off.
But I haven’t received comments as I’m not but when I’m with my sister I pick up in the room that a lot of people are uncomfortable majority from other women including when she sat next to someone they got up and sat next to me pretty stupid.

Jewish women cover their hair with a turban when they get married. But I won’t. Because why should women cover their hair out of “modesty”? It’s sexist :unamused: but if you do, then it’s fine and there’s no problem with it. I just don’t see the point, so personally, I won’t.

I am Muslim, and personally, I don’t really wear a hijab :confused: but I can answer for some of your questions. Non-Muslims wearing a hijab is considered offensive mainly since they’re part of the Islamic-culture. Same with Niqabs. It’s like your wearing a Halloween costume, (Example: Dressing up as a Native American when not part of the culture or ethnicity) it’s insulting and disrespectful. Yes, they’re some women out there who wear Hijabs and get hurtful comments about it. Also, a turban is considered an alternative for a Hijab. (However, I can’t speak for all Muslims, they might say or think differently :no_mouth:)


Yeah either turbans or wigs but in Israel some them also wear hijabs

Hear you

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Yeah but it’s 2018 there is some there do it in Israel but I think over half of them don’t

Of course, and the hijab is very related to Islam

It depends how religious you are. My mum wears jeans etc and no head covering, so we are not religious in that way, and my dad doesn’t wear a kippah either.

Really religious Jews will wear LONG skirts (never trousers) and the head covering if they’re married

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I have a Muslim friend. She wears sexy clothes, dates non-Muslim men, drinks, goes out clubbing etc.
Not every Muslim follows it to the tee. Just like a lot of Jews marry gentiles without either converting.
It depends on the person.

I know same for catholics and other religions. But my character wears and hijab so that’s why I need answers about hownto deal with it without offending anyone

I’m catholic and unlike sterotypes I see in tv shows, I’m not obsessive with my religion, have a shrine in my house and pray constantly.
Most of us are probably more matter-of-fact about our faith than Protestants.


Yeah i know my parent and my family aren’t that religious either

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Don’t forget the Sikh women out there! Sikh people wear turbans often and Sikhism is frequently overlooked as a religion.

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Also, be careful with the word “hijab”. I wouldn’t use it as a sweeping word for all head coverings in all religions. I believe that “hijab” is an Arabic word, which is why it is mostly used by Muslims, as the Quran is written in Arabic. A lot of other religions and cultures have their own word for a head covering, which I would personally look into if I were you.

For example, you’d be hard-pressed to find a non-Arabic Christian who calls their head covering a hijab. I’m Catholic and we call ours a Mantilla.