Help for new authors

So I’ve been trying to think of helpful ways that we can support new authors on the site and I wanted to pitch 2 ideas.

Would it be possible to have 2 more sections:

Trending stories under 5000 reads.

Trending stories under 100,000 reads (between 5k and 100,000k)

I think this would really help? And the obvs your current trending stories.

As I believe no one is going to scroll to 1000 to find my story for instance. (Shout out to you if you do though!)

2nd idea is to have an easier grid scroll
Menu for the trending stories. That way we can scroll down faster?

Thoughts? :heart:


I think they are both great ideas!

A lot of people are turned off from writing because of the difficulties with getting their story noticed so the separated trending sections would be great at finding new and great stories :slight_smile:


So glad you agree :heart:

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Thanks and moved the thread to the Feature + Art Suggestions section as this is in the form of a request for the app. Please make sure to make the appropriate changes to your thread so it doesn’t get closed. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Oh I love this idea! Support!!


there’s already a really similar suggestion here- be sure to support it so we can hopefully see it happen ^-^!

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Already supported :ok_hand:t3::heart:

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Writers are struggling to get 100, 200 reads. Why limit to 5000? For some will take years to get there, not because stories are bad, but because they don’t have enough friends to read the story and the promoting doesn’t help much.

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Totally agree! It takes so long to get that first few hundred! I feel like I have to give loads of reviews for reviews out just to get my story noticed! Something needs to change!


I am a new author I am from India I can’t socialise it because my friends don’t read at episodes but I love reading and writing stories please help me
My story : my complicated love life? IScreenshot_2018-04-08-18-50-14-1
I have written 3 chapters but have none readers

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How can i create a name for the story? I dont know how . By the way i’m a very new author.

Same here @episode_cherie I am from India as well
My friend don’t read stories on episode
Let me say it clearly
They don’t even know that there is an app named as episode out there
So, let alone to read stories totally impossible!
But I love reading on episode.
I’m currently writing a story for the fantastical contest


Agree with you :wink: it’s really hard to find the story with just keep on scrolling right… it’s a bit frustrating actually. N i love to scroll to find the new story!! They actually have very nice story … but it’s hard for me to scroll all the way there just to find the new stories :sleepy:

Closing as this doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests :v:t2: