Help for Spot Directing In Bed

Hi, it’s me again. :laughing: I want my character to go to a certain spot, after lying in bed. It sounds confusing because it is! I’ll try to break it down. So, my character was lying in bed and I want her to get out of bed but without doing the stand_up animation. Like, when she gets out of bed it looks weird because she is on the ground and THEN she is doing the animation, :woman_shrugging:

Here’s my script.

CHARACTER (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
I’m sick.
&CHARACTER spot 0.885 133 165
@speechbubble reset
@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER2 is arms_crossed
@speechbubble is 115 208 to 100% with tail_top_left
@CHARACTER is arms_crossed_angry

The one that is bolden is the one I am having issue with.

go to this link, mybe it will help you

Oh, that actually worked! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


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