Help for the story

Hello all. I intend to start a new story based on the film “The godfather” in limelight … If a person is interested to help me write and build it … I started writing. I made two stories already on which I am still. The first is “in love with schyzophrenic” and the second is “college love” if there are still some (s) want to join me. I’m sorry to embed myself here I had created a forum but I was directed to those already create. Good day to everyone…

If you want to join my writing group we could help out! Check it and see if it’s for you . . . SPECIAL WRITING GROUP - Infamously Zealous - JOINING THREAD - NOT ACCEPTING UNTIL NOVEMBER 15TH

Hello. oh yes I am interested … how am I to join you? Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a link in a minute