[HELP] French translation

Hi! If you need help with French translations, I will be happy to help (French is my mother tongue) :slight_smile:




My character refers to her French grandparents who she was close to. What’s grandma/grandpa in French? Is there any nicknames like in English how there’s “granny, nana, gramps”?

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Grandma = grand-mère
Grandpa = grand-père

Grandma → mami, mima, maminou, nanou, mémé (though this makes someone seem really old)
Grandpa → papi, papichou, papinou, papou, pépé (though this makes someone seem really old)


So I used these since I tried searching for nicknames… She says: “Mémère and papy took me with them…” Would that work too? If not, I’m liking nanou and papou :slight_smile:

Mémère is actually negatively connoted. Though it’s short for mémé, their use isn’t the same. Mémère is more often used to describe someone who acts like a granny (does that make sense?). Like if you’re partying and one of your friend is like “I’m not staying past 10pm”, for example, people could describe her as a mémère.

You could use “mémé” if you want to, or any other nickname works too! :slight_smile:

Great, got it! Thank yoouuu! :grin:

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No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen a few French characters nicknamed croissants, is that generally considered offensive or funny from your perspective?

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I wouldn’t say it’s offensive, but I think it’s the type of things I could roll my eyes over :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m not French so maybe that’s why I’m not that bothered

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Oop- sorry, I just automatically assumed that you were French. :sob:

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No problem ahah

I live in (the French-speaking side of) Belgium, so just next to France :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s definitely not an easy language :sweat_smile: especially if you’re learning from English. The two languages don’t really work the same


Actually, it’s still used in some parts of the world, but yes, it has a double meaning. I know people who still call their grandmother memere. Maybe less so in France .

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Yes, I guess it depends from the area :thinking: