Help! From all Artists!

Hello, everyone! :wave:t2:

I’m having trouble in finding a shading style and others are too. How do draw skin do perfectly? What brushes do you use? How do you have good quality. These are questions that some of us artists are wanting to ask others. But, some of us are a little shy. Here, I’d like to know, everything. :sweat_smile:

• What shading technique do you use?
• Apps you use?
• What inspires you to keep on drawing?

And Etc.

What can you’d to help other artists improve? :grin:

I don’t know what I can do.


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I was waiting for this thread to open :smirk: Thanks for the tag!

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i dont know how to shade i-

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The app I use on My Pc I Say use Medibang Paint Pro
On Mobile Use Ibis Paint X as That is Better

And I’m open to giving suggestions to people


im bookmarking this incase @Turtle_Cat replies oop


Or @Cassandra_Dean and @MagixQueenie :eyes:

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uhh i wasn’t tagged but

I do soft shading then some hard shading on low opacity cuz why not
I use procreate (I can’t figure out ibis paint x)
what inspires me? bold of you to assume I’m inspired

you’re welcome for those very unhelpful answers

@ now I’m making a shading tutorial cuz people on IG asked too so anyone want to be the model


yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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• What shading technique do you use? Always different for now, more hard shading, but i can do soft shading too

• Apps you use? I have ibis paint x, adobe draw, procreate. But right now i use ibis more than other apps

• What inspires you to keep on drawing? Honestly? nothing. Sometimes i just want to give up i guess like friends and always being sane and healthy and i don’t overwork and i do requests when i can.


gurl i have no idea what im doing

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me toooooo xdxdxd

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Omg, thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:

I use both as well. :sweat:


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Me waiting for all the talented artists to respond

•Honestly my style can vary all the time. I usually and am always watching tutorials on insta and looking at photos and asking questions like what can I do to make this better and how can I do this and etc? I’m trying to get into a comic style as well as more realistic type of style.
• I use IbisPaint coz that’s the only app ik how to use :smirk:
•What inspires meh to keep drawing is when I see these talented people on Instagram coUGh @CelestialMoon cough and then I’m like oh damn if they can do it uhm I can to. And then like them sweet replies on my insta honestly motivate me😂 .
•I generally am trying to make tutorials that may help people out but it’s complicated when I don’t have a certain style but a sis is tryin. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


For Shading Skins I mainly draw girls so this is what I do
Shade with a Darker Colour Above The Eyelid
Use the Same Colour To shade Around The Face were you would like the shadow to be then blur

For Outfit Shading
Use A Darker Colour And Shade Under/side of the Bust Area You Can Blur of Needed
The Mainly do the Same And Shade With the Same Colour Were the shadow will be going


Omg, thanks for these tips!

Most of us need them. :scream::heart:


Thank you, for sharing. :sweat:

I don’t even know, how you could take your time writing this

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For a moment I thought I forgot to reply somewhere back where I was tagged lol. Thank you :blush:


Haha not a problem I’m probs gonna add more tips later coz I’m writing it in my notes so I’ll just copy and paste it :blush::nerd_face: