Help from Welsh people/Welsh-speaking people needed

Hi there! :relaxed:
I was wondering if there are some Welsh people (or even Welsh-speaking) people out there who are willing to help me a bit with one of my upcoming stories. The story is set in a very fictional (and historically totally not ‘real’ :joy:)version of Wales, but I would still like to ask a few questions to people who actually live in Wales/might even speak Welsh/or just know a great deal about it.

Thanks :hugs:

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I used to live in wales. I just moved to England recently. Does that help?

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That’s actually perfect! I would write you a DM if that’s ok for ya?

Yes, that’s ok

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Oh just realized that your public profile is hidden… Well, so I’ll just message you in this entry (:


What I wanted to ask… how are the seasons/is the weather in Wales? How’s an average summer/an average winter plus spring and autumn? And what type of landscape is there around Cardiff? And generally throughout Wales? Is there any special dish or drink from Wales which comes to your mind atm and which is pretty traditional (and quite ‘old’ as well, haha sry, my story is set in the past)? Aaand, also important: is the expression/interjection ‘Jiw jiw’ (good god) really used or is google just telling me non-sense? And do you maybe know (I don’t know if you speak Welsh so…) some words for endearment in Welsh? :smile: Sorry if this seems preeetty random haha.

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