Help gems question!

So in my story I have a support the author choice for 8 gems, im testing my story out on mobile preview and I want to test that choice out to see if its working correctly if I press yes to support the author on mobile preveiw does it still take gems away from my account? Im saving my gems and I dont want to use them just yet.


No, it won’t take away your gems.

Well it took my gems when I tested it out in the portal, but I don’t know if it shows as gem reads in writers block. :thinking:

If you’ve added your own story to your favorites page it may try to make you use a pass to view and pay gems to view your own content.

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I actually think it will, because on the mobile previewer, it shows the amount of gems you have to spend for the choice.
On the web previewer, it doesn’t show the amount of gems and I always test it out like that and it never took gems from me. So, I’d suggest to check it on the portal!

No, it doesnt! Just make sure you are previewing your story from the ‘create’ section. If the story is available on your profile or added to favourites, it may make you read your story as if it’s another story, that isnt yours. But i’ve done it many times, and my gems haven’t been used up! :revolving_hearts: