Help getting my character over the overlay

@transition fade out black
@transition fade in black
@cut to zone 3
@SPENCER stands screen center and SPENCER starts idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop and AVERY stands screen center and AVERY starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

*It doesn’t matter what layer my characters go the still show up behind the bed

Where is your overlay command?

i just used the background that came with the overlay

I’m lost.

I mean where is:

&overlay OVERLAY NAME create
&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1

To me it looks like you didn’t even add it in

i didnt, i used the background INT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY and It came with its own Overlay

Hm okay normally that doesn’t happen.

Idk the overlay’s name.

&overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer 1
@SPENCER moves to layer 2

If that doesn’t work, can you take a screenshot? I need visuals

i just tried that, it didn’t work the Overlay is INT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY

Umm can you screenshot what that looks like? And copy and paste your script. It doesn’t look like you used the overlay at all if you didn’t create it.

ok, I just got it, thank you, and I did use the overlay but that wasn’t the problem

@ForumAdmin you can close this topic

Do bg name with overlay name in zone 1/2/3

So like NT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY with OVERLAY name in zone 1/2/3