Help! having trouble remembering choices


Hey guys! Hoping you can help me out!

I am having trouble with my script and remembering the choices. They don’t link properly.

I feel like I have done everything correctly with no error messages, but whenever I test it out on my phone after and restart my episode and chose the choice that I want to make - my story just keeps continuing and goes through all my choices!

Also, I only had two choices to chose from, so I would be using only if/else, right?

My script looks like this…

“Listen to Scarlett…” {


gain chose_scarlett

} “Listen to Jasmine…”{


gain chose_jasmine

Now…on a different episode, I want to remember these choices. So I have this…


if (chose_scarlett){






I’m so confused! The choices work in the first part, but when I make my choices and get to the remembering part, my script just continues and it reads everything.

If I pick Listen to Jasmine, it will still continue onto the chose_scarlett part.

Help :frowning:


Same things happened with me too😔
But hey following things work for mine —>

If (chose_scarlet) {
elif (chose_jasmine) {
else {
It didn’t go here , just write some creepy dialogue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hope it helps for your too


Thank you! I will try it out!


You need to reset story progress if you’re testing your story in the app. If you’re testing your story using the web previewer then you need to refresh the page. If you just keep restarting the episode and choosing both options, then you will gain both of those gains.


So do I have to restart from the very first episode or just go to the episode with the choice I want to make and go from there?

Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate the help!


If you’re using your phone, reset story progress then test out the choice so you can gain the gain, then go to the episode you used the if/elif/else in and test that part out.


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Thanks! It worked!


You’re a genius! It worked!!

Thank you so much!



Happy to hear it worked! Closing topic :smiley: