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HI how do you fade out the bakground slow? Like @transister fade out … and fast. And how do you do like that use two bakgrounds at the same time?


You have cut and attach two backgrounds together for that…
And for the fading thing just add the time with it as in-

@transition fade out black in T

I can help with a split background if you still need one

Yes thank you

Which backgrounds is it?
Also in which zones?


and the other one is


Ok coming right up

Is this ok?
I was doing this from my phone so it was a little bit harder

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Thank you it’s wonerful

To make your own background(s) join together do this:

  1. Visit the Art Catolog

  1. Pick out 2 backgrounds and right click on them and click Save Image As

  2. Go into PowerPoint and make a blank presentation.

  1. Insert both backgrounds

  1. Orgainise them both (Make sure you have got them at the positions you want them to be in.) (Crop all extra bits you don’t need)

  1. Click on one of the backgrounds and scroll up

  2. Hold onto the white bit with your cursor and drag your mouse. Make sure the grey coming out gets the whole image (Most of it at the very least)

  3. If it looks something like this your good. (Make sure it selects both backgrounds)

  1. Now right click on any of the two background(s) and click Save as Picture

  2. Now visit this site

And follow the steps :smile:

Now your question on transitons.

For eg if you want your scene to fade in 2 seconds do this:

@transition fade out black 2

(For any other numbers just change the 2 to the amount of seconds.)

if you want it to fade out fast do this:

@transition fade out black

(No number)


Hey! I need help too.
I published a story.
About 4 people read past episode 7.
But, a week later. I added a LOT of stuff to episode 7.
The things I added were REALLY important.
Would the 4 people not be able to read what I just written?

They can’t read episode 7 again but you can put a leader on episode 8 so they can read episode 7 again

Thanks! What’s a leader?

sorry i mean label !!

That’s ok!!!
But I’m just REALLY nervous that a label from a previous episode won’t work with the next episode.
(Someone proposed in episode 7, that’s why it’s important :smile:)

it work, just put a label in episode 8 and copy in the hole episode 7 there and make two choice if they want to read 7 or not

Oh. Um… apparently you can’t have labels inside of choices, and I had labels.

yes you can You know when you make the readers pick if the want a repeat on the last episode then you use choice and label, label go to story

Here is the error:
You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }

yeah but you have to write it right