HELP: How can I Fix My Cover?


the reason this cover looks terrible is because i did it way different than how i usually do it. i basically made the whole thing, changing the van completely to fit my liking, fixing the background, etc. i messed up a lot because it took way more work than what i usually do, so yeahh don’t hate lol

I don’t know why, but the cover looks horrible… I can’t point out exactly what it is but it looks weird.
Any tips?
Also, please don’t sugar coat! I understand opinions and I just need any tips to fix it up.
Please let me know any flaws that you see so I can fix it… I really want to know before I put this on my story.

Thank you! I know there’s so many mistakes but idk :joy:


I like it! But you’re looking for constructive critism.

My advice: (I suck at making covers but I hope this helps!)

You might want to choose your background a little better. Like, with a blue sky to make it more appealing to look at.

I have no idea how you put those characters INSIDE the van, wow!

Maybe make the font a little more cooler/more chill like this one:

That’s all I have. Otherwise, it’s amazing!


thank you! and you don’t suck you’re amazing!

what font is that?


Oh, I use PicsArt so I don’t know if you use that too for the font. It was just an example.

And thank you! :blush:


The only thing I have to say is the girl with the braided bun looks like she is up in the mountain… lol… but I really think it’s amazing S!!!


oops… i was trying to make her stand on top of the van but she was too tall so it looks weird :sob: but thank you lol!


Girl, this is amazing.


I like it, but I think it’s just because the characters look so cartoon compared to the background. That’s what sticks out to me.


I think it looks great but one general suggestion I have is to make it more symmetrical. Maybe center the van a little bit more by shifting it to the left and possibly make the girl on the top left kneel on the van instead of stand so she’s closer in height to the other two characters on top of the van. But again, I know it’s easy to be really self-critical but it’s not horrible at all.


thank you! i totally messed up on the symmetry, oops! :grimacing: the girl with the braided hair looks like she’s standing on the mountain kinda, it looks weird but i’ll try to fix it. thanks again!


It looks good to me. Aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.


i kind of intended for that, lol :joy: thank you!


thank you! :two_hearts:


the only comment i have is the characters in the van look so much larger than the ones outside.

if you compare the man inside’s head to the man outside, it’s pretty big.

honestly, it’s 85% better than most covers on Episode. you don’t have to change anything.
oo also, the by StrongLcve kinda overlaps with the LGBTQ+ so i’d move it a bit.


it’s supposed to be like that because they’re leaning close to the window (but i did make it too bigger than i intended oops :no_mouth:) but thank you :two_hearts:


I think it looks great for the most part. You should move the van to the left so it’s at the center and make the LGBT a little smaller and perhaps place it a little different. And maybe try to find another background?

But like I said, it’s already pretty good! It makes me wanna read your story.


thank you! i’ll work on doing that :stuck_out_tongue: i totally forgot about symmetry and just put it tandomly… oops