HELP! How can I make my character play the guitar with an overlay?

Hi guys! I really need your help since is my 1rst episode story and I don’t know how to manage the commands of the script yet. You see, my story is about a rock band that gets involved in a mystic battle to save the world, and they use their instruments as weapons.

So, i have the overlays of the bass and the guitar, however I don’t know how can I make my characters to hold them, so I can apply then the airguitar_playing_animation. Also I cannot find a character animation that is playing drums, PLEASE HELP! My whole story depends on it.

@Raven_Stark I know what you mean by the drum animation.
There are three types!

Good luck in your story! It sounds good!

@EpisodeForLife93 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! you save my story . Are those animations available for limelight ? I’m writing the story in that style, so I only manage to find the play guitar animations, but not the drum ones. Also I want to know, how can i use multiple overlays in a background? I’m only able to use one, if i try to add other, it gives me an error.

yes, I know, what I"m trying to say is, that when i add the animation to the characters, they perform them without an actual instrument on their hands, i want the instruments to show up, otherwise they’ll be playing air guitar or air bass…

To use multiple overlays, either add them in the background:

INT. BG with OVERLAYNAME to SCALE X Y in zone # at layer # with OVERLAYNAME to SCALE X Y in zone # at layer #

Or create mid-scene:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 0 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

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Can you send me the character details and the animation you want? I can help you.

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@TheTurtleTrainer sure! omg thank you! Can you give me your email address? and Also how i send you the information? you what a screenshoot? Sorry for all the questions, but like I said earlier, i’m totally new at this, and i don’t now how to proceed xD

I’ll pm you.