Help! How do I change a character's hair?

I want to make a flashback type thing where a character has a different hairstyle than they have in the present. Can anyone help me on how to code this?

Btw, the character is NOT customizable, so it’s not something that I need a hair template for.

If someone could help me, that’d be great!

I really need help :sob:

-Ariel :two_hearts::dizzy:

@CHARACTER changes hair into #

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The command for changing
Hairstyle is:

@CHARACTER changes hair into (Hairstyle Name)

Hair Colour is:

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into (Hair Color Name)


You can always use the preview command I find it faster because you can copy what you put on the begging of the flashback and add a un to the command to change the character to its original form.

But you have to do the preview after you spot them, otherwise they will pop on the scene…


@Cami_epy @Maya_Reihnard @Nessya ty guys for helping me! :blush:

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Do I get the name for the hairstyle/hair color from the customization menu? (hopefully you know what I’m talking about)

Yes there are the names you find on the customizing menu

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you’re welcome @arielxox :smile:

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