Help! How do I fix this?

Here is my script:

@YOU moves to layer 0 and overlay 6476392469626880_STACK OF CLOTHES moves to layer 3
@follow YOU to spot 0.641 93 279 in zone 3
@YOU starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear and YOU faces right
gain packed_clothes

The error is:@follow YOU to spot 0.641 93 279 in zone 3 is not a valid directing command

Please help!

you don’t have to write out layer 0
and the correct term to write that command is.
@YOU walks to spot # in zone #
@YOU spots # in zone #

and other way is
@YOU walks to spot # AND YOU moves to layer 3

as for the overlay
@overlay NAME create
@iverlay NAME opacity 1 in # (seconds you want) 0 (for it to show up)

or you can write it out like

if you want it to be in a specific zone just add the zone and the layer number

another thing.
you can’t follow a character to a spot number.
so you would have to do it like
&pan to zone # in T (time,seconds)
@YOU walks to spot # in zone # in T

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oh alright. Thanks!