HELP! How do i get my unlimited passes if im VIP?

I might not be right but I think “unlimited passes” won’t work in episode community stories, it only works on episode officials.
And pretty sure when your payment is completed, you’ll get them, so the “vip” you see above the stories , you don’t need pass to read them! Just read them! Although you can’t read episode community (as of I know)


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Which VIP did you subscribe to? Sapphire ks for Episode Official stories and Amethyst is for ALL stories including community. They both cost the same


I have no clue but it like block access to some of my stories and i cant catch up on them

You might be having Sapphire then. The Amethyst subscription is unlimited & no ads for all stories including community ones. And they both cost the same so just try and switch to that one so you can read all the stories

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Hi there, I just wanted to ask if Amethyst subscription also has unlimited replays like the Sapphire subscription?

I like the offer of unlimited replays on the Sapphire subscription, but you can only get unlimited passes for featured stories and not all stories (including community stories) like the Amethyst subscription.

I’m not subscribed to it but yes it does offer unlimited replays.

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Thanks for your reply and screenshot. After seeing your reply, I realized it would only show up with more details like on your screenshot when I tapped on the banner :+1:

Hi in the app it only gives me the option for sapphire and not amethyst idk what to do

I’ve had the VIP option with unlimited passes for all stories for months now. This month when it automatically renewed, it switched to unlimited passes for Episode original stories only, which I don’t read. When I sent a ticket to tech support, they told me that they give different offers to different people at different times and there was nothing they could do except maybe give me a refund. When I asked why it was changed for me without warning, they thanked me for my feedback and promised to forward it on. I pointed out that I asked a question and would like an actual answer, but they have yet to reply. The ticket was started on June 22nd and the last time they replied was 4 days ago. I am so frustrated by this right now. I love the community stories and I read a ton of them. Waiting for passes is a bummer.


Did they ever get back to you? I mean it’s the 12th of August now. Hope they offered you the Ameythst VIP pass. It’s the best because you can read all stories including community stories with unlimited replays, passes, gems for a month and you can unsubscribe at any time!

They did not offer me VIP Amethyst and I’m super bummed about it. I don’t know why some people get it, but others don’t. I think it’s wrong of Episode to do that.

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