Help how do I make a cover for chrome users!

Hi rlly sorry to bother people, but if you dont mind can someone help make my cover for my story. Like tell me the steps and recommended websites to make nice cover art on a laptop, it would be really appreciated. Also how do you cut a mc’s full body while they are doing a pose/ action. PLZ HELP ME!

well i use Krita it is free. here is one i have made for a non publish story (not published cause i cannot come op with a name )

use ibis paintx or powerpoint!

PowerPoint and Pics Art are cool ^^

I’d recommend those :sunny:

Hi um do you know any for chrome users

Hi um do you know any for chrome users

I use pixlr & paint 3d

Are they able to be used for chrome?

Pixlr is. I only use that to make characters have an transparent background. Then I use paint 3d for background & placement