HELP! How do you view your own story once published?

Hi, I just published my first story today and was trying to view it on my iphone but when I do it goes into editing mode and I can only view chapter 3. Some readers told me there were some errors with the zoom on the customization and I wanted to go and view it but I couldn’t. Is there a way I can view my story in the same way other readers can?

When I checked on the laptop version, there were no problems with the zoom whatsoever.

Btw if anyone want to check it out please see the link below, and if there are any errors please let me know and I will try and fix it. Thanks.

Did you go to the main page then look at the search section up the top corner?

It is the second one on the list when you type in crimson red

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Just tried that and it still goes into the editing mode.

Yes that’s the one

This was in the FAQs on Writer’s Portal

Where can I find my story on the app?

Published stories are readable in the “Trending” section of User Stories. To help players find the best stories, we’ll be ranking them by how much they are read. You can also use the search bar function to locate specific stories in the app.

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I can find my story no problems but I can’t read the story from start to finish as it goes straight to editing mode and only starts on chapter 3 with editing functions.

Hmm that is strange, I am trying to look for ways but I can’t find any.

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