Help how to carry

Hi can anyone help me with the spot Directing I want the man to carry the woman to the left but o have no idea how to make it look right could someone please help me thank you in advance

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You need to spot direct her into his arms. Then use the & symbol to make them both walk to the right spot offscreen and while she walks direct her to do the sleeping animation.

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@MANNAME walks to the spot_ (make man near the woman)

&MANNAME is idle_box_carry_neutral_loop

@WOMANNAME spot_ (make woman fit on his hands)

&WOMANNAME is sleep_sit_neutral_loop

@WOMANNAME exits _ AND WOMANNAME does it while sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND MANNAME exits _ AND MANNAME does it while idle_box_carry_neutral_loop

I hope this will help you out :thinking::innocent:


Thank you so much for your help :relaxed:

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Glad to help you out :innocent:

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