Help: How to make someone hold a prop

Hey, so i need help with the overlay part of coding. I’m not a very good coder and I don’t know some overlays work.
I need a person to hold a baseball bat. When I have them do the idle_hold_baseballbat, it works but there is no bat in the actual thing. (I need this screenshot for a cover)
I know I could add an overlay and photoshop things but I also want to know in general how the overlays get attached to the hand so when the hand moves the overlay moves in the perfect order with translations and rotation. I think its the same for guns and cups.
Thank you so much for reading, if you know what to do, please reply :sweat_smile: :relaxed:

does are call props
@add Baseball Bat to CHARACTER

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Like this? I don’t think it’s working. I saved the chapter and previewed it on my phone.

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And went you want to remove it it’s @remove (prop name) from CHARACTER:)

Yeah, but the thing isn’t working. I can’t see the baseball bat

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That’s weird… you should be able to see it :thinking:

maybe try reloading your tab? or you might’ve misspelled something (prop name or code or something)

I hope, but there is no error or warning that pops up. All I see is the character holding air instead of a bat.

Idk where I’m going wrong.

the name of the prop is baseball bat wood, not just baseball bat. maybe that’s the problem?

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 11.04.32 PM

Ahhh how could I have not seen that?! Hehe anyways I just woke up so I’ll be testing that later but tysm!!

no I just tried it it doesn’t work. It’s not called Baseball Bat Wood for me. Just baseball bat. Also, it’s INK style so maybe it’s different for LL.

A lot of INK props can be glitchy. I know the baseball bat prop hasn’t worked for a while. Have you tried testing your story in the app to see if the prop shows up there?

You can submit a ticket to Episode and let them know the baseball prop isn’t working.

Yes, I tried it in the app and it still doesn’t work. I’ll submit a ticket, thank you!

oh i didn’t realize that the props may be different, sorry! i hope you can figure out the issue soon

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