[Help] How to put the moving box on the ground?

Hello folks! I’m new here and I’m trying to start writing for Episode. So I hope my question is not so dumb or repeated, since I’m just a newbie! u.u’

So here is the deal: I managed to create a scene with my MC and his parents in front of their house. He’s moving out and holding a moving box. So far so good, I added the prop and made the dialogue between them. But I really would like to make him put the box on the floor in order to receive a crucifix from his mom’s hands. I even created the duplicated outfits (his mom without necklace and MC with necklace). If you want to, I can paste my code here, my story is in Limelight.

Thanks in advance for the help <3

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You’d need to create an overlay of the box.
This thread might have one you’ll like:
In need of box overlays!

You could either place the box there at the beginning of the scene and change the opacity when he puts it down, or create it with full opacity when he puts it down.
Best of luck!

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But this would still work even if I’m using the original moving box from Episode?

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You’re going to have to improvise on animations since there isn’t an animation to put down the box. After your carrying the box animation, you can probably do reach_kneel_neutral, remove the prop, then do standup_neutral.

To make it look more natural, I’d suggest some really close up zooms and downloading an image of the box prop then uploading it as an overlay so the box can be left on the ground if thats what you prefer.

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It is probably solves but in case it is not

  1. downolad the props = box from episode (BOX)
    2 upload the box as overlay. (BOX2)
  2. make the animation with the original props (BOX)
  3. in the moment you wan to animate the overlay BOX2 make it apear and shift aqnd place it on the spot of the props BOX
  4. make the props disapear by command @remove popsname from character (so when the box overlay hoes down the props is no longer there)
  5. animate the box overlay BOX2 the best way you can to go down or move in desired direction.
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