Help how to put these lines!

Can anyone tell me how to put this tiny lines, in between text?

marks _ in a row

text_text = I think this is what u mean? (:

I don’t know!
These lines in between a text, there are a lot in art shops!

I only use them as separation marks but idk if that’s the β€˜proper’ use. I use them mainly when naming backgrounds and overlays (:

Do you have an example?

Background =


Basically =

INT.Background_Time of Day_Number

Oh no not that!

Have u found what your looking for on the thread u tagged me in? (:

Nope :sweat_smile:

I’m confused what your looking for then because that thread explains a lot of the Forum techniques? (:

Julie (@juliewrites) explains it here =

Personally, I don’t/have never use/used those lines here on the forums but I know some people do use them (:

Yes but I don’t understand what I need to write to get this?

U type 3 β€˜_’ on the same row to get a line or 3 β€˜-’ on the same row or 3 β€˜*’ on the same row to get a line (Make sure those 3 punctuation marks are all on the same line but on a different line from another 3 punctuation marks) (:

Oh ok thank you!

Your welcome (:

Can you do one?

Yup =

3 β€˜_’ =

3 β€˜-’ =

3 β€˜*’ =

Thank you :blob_hearts:


3 β€˜_’ =

3 β€˜-’ =

3 β€˜*’ =

U type

3 x _

3 x -

3 x *