Help! How to remove certain clothing to give to another character?

Hi! I’m writing my first story and I’m stuck! I want the lead male character to take off his jacket to give to a lead female character when he sees she is shivering.

How do i do this! Please help.

Much appreciated,
Liz !

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You have to create two different versions of the outfit for both characters if you want one to give an article of clothing to the other.

For the dude, his first outfit would be with the jacket on and the second would be without the jacket. For the girl, it would be the same. Coding the switch would be something like:

@BOY is dustoff_loop
@BOY changes into Jacket_OffB
@BOY is tinker_rear_loop
@GIRL changes into Jacket_OnG

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Cool, thanks! But What if the lead female is wearing a reader’s outfit choice?

You would have to make duplicates of the outfits with jackets on them.

I started to make the two different outfits with the jacket on, but when it comes to putting it in code how would that work since I don’t know which outfit the reader chose for the character.

(I’m sorry, I’m just trying to understand)

You would need to remember the reader’s choice. This is a topic that explains it. I would recommend you using the Choice Name & Option Method because it’s easy.

For you case it could look something like this:

choice (CLOTHES)
“Outfit 1” {
@GIRL changes into Red_Outfit
}“Outfit 2”{
@GIRL changes into Blue_Outfit

Then later on in the jacket scene:

if (CLOTHES is “Outfit 1”) {
[then only add the clothes that match with this specific clothing choice which would be Red_Outfit_Jacket]
} and so on with the other choice…

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much appreciated! xxx

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You’re welcome! :blush: